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LiveAssay cell adhesion assay

 LiveAssay cell adhesion assay

LiveAssay cell adhesion assay presents an easy-to-use platform to determine cell adhesion, and dissociation in a physiological context to your extracellular matrix protein of choice. In comparison to the traditional “dish based” adhesion assays, LiveAssay cell adhesion assay platform presents distinct advantages:

  •  Precise and quantifiable determination of cell adhesion and dissociation
  • Standardization of techniques across multiple experiments
  • Well defined “channels” mimicking blood capillaries
  • Multi-throughput platform to allow observation of cell adhesion in various conditions (e.g. different ECM concentrations, different ECM molecules)
  • Potential to investigate cell rolling, and adhesion on another cell layer
  • Controllable flow

After your ECM of interest is attached to the channel, just flow your cells in using a syringe and tubing, maintaining a desirable flow of cells. If live cell microscopy can be performed during the course of the experiment, then dynamic temporal cell-adhesion charts can be prepared. However, end point assays are simpler, and more conventional. Perform the cell flow for your cell type for long enough time to observe differences between different conditions.

The LiveAssay cell adhesion assay has been used in the following publications:

1. Kim DH, Kshitiz, Smith RR, Kim P, Ahn EH, Kim HN, Marban E, Suh KY, Levchenko A, Nanopatterned cardiac cell patches promote stem cell niche formation and myocardial regeneration, Integrative Biology, 2012, DOI:10.1039/C2IB20067H.

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