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Round 35mm Dishes

Round 35mm Glass-bottom dish for high resolution microscopy with the convenience of standard dish tissue culture. Available with multiple inserts to increase throughput within your dish.

Rectangular 22x40mm Dishes

Rectangular 22x40mm plate with specially designed silicon inserts to increase throughput and allow for 2D, and 3D microscopy with minimum wastage of costly reagents.

Multi-well Plates

Your regular 6-well, 24-well, and 96-well plates with glass bottom. These plates allow the convenience of tissue culture with high resolution microscopy through german borosilicate glass.

Specialized Assays for Live Cell Microscopy

LiveAssay brings to you an array (more coming soon) of specially designed assays to allow you to perform your experiments more intelligently, consistently, and innovatively. Our scientists have used their extensive experience and expertise to create readymade experimental platforms for live cell microscopy of cells in novel ways.