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35mm Glass-Bottom Dish

35mm glass-bottom dishes allow for high-quality imaging of biological samples in the convenience of a standard petri dish. Made from high quality polystyrene and German cover glasses, they are sealed together with medical-grade non-reactive silicone glue to ensure a perfect water-tight fit.

2-Rectangular-Well 35mm Glass-Bottom Dish

You choose – either never do an experiment without a control or observe your cells with different perturbations in parallel during microscopy. Get the power of multi-tasking within a dish using our specialized inserts.

4-Well 35mm Glass-Bottom Dish

This cell culture solution allows for four simultaneous experiments in the same 35mm glass-bottom dish. We fabricate and bond a four chamber silicone insert into our standard dish. It allows for imaging of four small, but fluidically separate experiments simultaneously. Sold as a complete unit for your convenience.